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ALT5083plus aluminium precision milled plate product is characterized by an excellent dimensional stability. By adopting and extended thermal heat treatment the material becomes homogenized and thermally stress relieved. This high stability leads to cost saving on extra operations such as rough-milling, finishing or re-works. Each plate is inspected for thickness, flatness, surface roughness and any other defects and finally covered with PVC foil for protection.
Material Properties
Form Stability
Very Good
Very Good
Welding (Gas/TIG/MIG/Resistance)
Poor / Good /
Good / Good
Corrosion Resistance
Very Good /
(Seawater / Weather)
Very Good
Use of temperature
180 / 280
(max ?C long / short term)
Anodising (Not Decorative)
Very Good
Contact with food
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strenght Rm
230 - 290 MPa
0,2% Yield Strenght
110 - 130 Mpa
Elongation A 5%
Hardness Brinell
69 - 73
Physical Properties
2,66 g/cm3
Thermal Conductiviy
110 - 130 W/m*K
Module of Elastisity
70.000 N/mm2
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
24,2 10-6 / K
Electrical Conductivity
16-19 (m/Ωmm2)
Specific Heat Capacity
900 (J/kg*K)
Chemical Composition
EN AW-5083 (AlMg4,5Mn0,7), DIN EN 573-3/3.3547
Thickness Ranges & Sizes
Thickness between 6,35 mm to 305 mm Plates
and precut sizes in every dimension
depending on the block formats.
Witdth x Length : 1520x3020* mm
*Please contact with us for other dimensions.
Surface Roughness Ra
≤ 0.30 μm
Thickness tolerances
+/- 0.1 mm
Width tolerances (for plates)
-0/+10 mm
Length tolerances (for plates)
-0/+15 mm
Width and length tolerances
on request
for precut sizes
6-12 mm thickness ≤ 0.40 mm*
>12 mm thickness ≤ 0.13 mm*
*Checked on a granite table using a
flatness state-of-the-art measuring device
on linear measure section of 1 meter.
Both sides PVC covered
Pallets EN norming according to EN 13382

Main Fields Of Application
Aircraft Industry Processing Plate
Base Plates, Slide Plates and Indexing Tables
Automotive Industry Processing Plate
CNC Routing Tables
Checking Fixtures, Gauges and Templates
Food Machinery Parts
Vacuum Chucks
Heating and Cooling Platens
Medical Instrumentation
Packaging Machinery and Moulds
Plastic Components Manufacturing
Printing Machinery
? Copyright 2011 Altek Metal San. ve Tic. A.?.

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